Ekaterina (No.435)

会員ID / 担当ID No.435
名前 Ekaterina
生年月日 1998/03/03
国籍 ロシア
身長 173cm
体重 52kg
目の色 Gray-Blue
髪の色 Copper hair color
結婚歴 Not married
子供 No children
最終学歴 College Tourism Specialist; Higher - Management, personnel management. RGGU Moscow.
言語 English B-2. Japanese basic
職業 -
血液型 1 negative
男性への要望 The most impotatnt thing in a man is that he must love the business he is doing and strives to lead him to the end with burning eyes. Also is impotant to respect each other's interests and mutual understanding. To care each other.