Olga (No.432)



会員ID / 担当ID No.432
名前 Olga
生年月日 1986/01/22
国籍 ウクライナ
身長 163cm
体重 55kg
目の色 -
髪の色 -
結婚歴 No marriage experience
子供 -
最終学歴 Studied english at university sforinski unversity in ukraine.\015\012also got lesson of japanese personally 2 years.2018 year.\015\012She entered japanese school called kanrin nihongo gakkoo.\015\012One year after she
言語 Her communication ability in japanese is rather good enough
職業 Works for company as inspector of car parts etc
血液型 -
男性への要望 serious.iteligent peson working hard, it is ok if he comes home late.\015\012Age 50-60 is acceptable if he does not look old.\015\012such man who smiles when talking,i mean not too serious