maria (No.447)



会員ID / 担当ID No.447
名前 maria
生年月日 1993/03/05
国籍 ウクライナ
身長 170cm
体重 50kg
目の色 -
髪の色 -
結婚歴 Never married
子供 -
最終学歴 bachelor (Kiev National University of Culture and Arts)
言語 English (intermediate)
職業 Artist
血液型 -
男性への要望 I would like a man to be a gentleman who will not be rude, drink, behave aggressively. I like the kindness and taste of a man. I would like a man to be also interested in my interests, for example, art. But this is not a prerequisite. I can find a common language with any person and talk on any topic. The main thing is to have a spark, the feeling that this is your person. I need a man who is not afraid of responsibility and is serious about it. I dont like frivolous and quick relationships. I want to feel like Im behind a stone wall. Age and height are not important because the character is important. I want to love and marriage with the right person, I do not want to limit. The main character traits that I mentioned above.