Maria (No.451)


今神戸に在住し商社勤務してます。良い男性探しています。希望は35-48だそうです。\015\012ぜひ応募して zoom で話してみてください。

会員ID / 担当ID No.451
名前 Maria
生年月日 1994/10/20
国籍 ウクライナ
身長 164cm
体重 52kg
目の色 Mix green with gray
髪の色 Brown
結婚歴 Yes
子供 One child- 1 year 4 month
最終学歴 Lviv University of Internal Affairs/practical psychology
言語 Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish - Fluency/ English- speak and read. \015\012Japanese- read some simple kanji, hiragana and katakana - all read. Speak in level N4-N3 (but mostly understand all conversations in e
職業 Trading company (sale machinery abroad)
血液型 AB (-)
男性への要望 35-48. \015\012this person must have his own point of view. Be developing, to be strong and influential. responsible for his words and actions. treats his parents with respect. well maintained ,easy-going. Man leader, defender. but to be with woman passionate and ready for different adventures together.