Anna (No.453)



会員ID / 担当ID No.453
名前 Anna
生年月日 2004/08/09
国籍 ロシア
身長 157cm
体重 52kg
目の色 brown
髪の色 brown
結婚歴 Never
子供 -
最終学歴 -
言語 Eng, Japanese
職業 -
血液型 -
男性への要望 The mother says that her daughter is an ideal lady.\015\012She has a very soft character, obedient, does not smoke, does not drink.\015\012She attends a musical and an art school, she plays the plays, she is interested in science, politics.\015\012But the main she cooks well and likes when it is clean in the house.\015\012She has good manners,yielding,serious in marriage.\015\012It is easy to communicate with Anna.\015\012She is shy, honest. One can trust her