Aristova (No.465)



会員ID / 担当ID No.465
名前 Aristova
生年月日 1982/02/24
国籍 ロシア
身長 160cm
体重 55kg
目の色 Green
髪の色 Blond
結婚歴 Divorce
子供 1 daughter 12 yo
最終学歴 1. Khabarovsk technical university ~economist manager\015\0122. Moscow Institute of Psychology ~ family psychologist
言語 Russian fl, English, Japanese
職業 Self employed
血液型 A
男性への要望 From 48~ to.. depends on the man\015\012\015\012a man should be energetic, preferably with his own business, have his own apartment, house, preferably without children, living in Tokyo or in the prefecture, cheerful, generous, easy-going caring